Alucard of Hellsing

Manufacturer: Figurama Collectors
Closing date: 31/03/2018
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Scale: Non Scale
Height: 67cm
Edition Size: Limited up to 400pcs worldwide

Sculptor: Jesse Sandifer
Concept Art: Evan Lee
Paint: Mikiya Takahashi "Hellpainter"

Official numbered Certificate of Authenticity
Has two switchable heads, The Classic head and Hellsing Ultimate head.
Hand painted with premium colors.

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Based on Hellsing Ultimate, The commanding 67-cm tall Alucard statue freezes in time every fascinating detail of the apocalyptic Battle of London. In a final deathly blow, the egotistical vampire in his release state unleashes his army of trapped souls to defeat the onslaught of Vatican forces. Figurama sculpted a statue depicts the terrified Letzte Battalion falling into Alucard’s swirling sea of familiars as the wave of blood swells with hundreds of powers and personalities.