Trigun Vash 20th Anniversary Edition

Manufacturer: Figurama Collectors
Closing date: 10/12/2017
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Scale: 1/4
Sculptor: David Giraud
Paint: Three Eyes Studio

Provisional changes (Pending licensors approval):
1) New head sculpt

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Trigun Vash 20th Anniversary Edition in 1/4 scale Elite Exclusive statue stands over 60cm tall and over 73cm width with his iconic energetic and dynamic pose dodging a barrage of bullets while capturing and freezing the moment when he swiftly shoots a steady bullets from his iconic AGL Arms .45 Long Colt revolver sculpted to the tiniest details by the renowned sculptor David Giraud who sculpted Trigun Vash statue in this dynamic details nailing down the great details.

1- Massive 1/4 scale Elite Exclusive statue..
2- The official 20th Anniversary Edition.
3- Comes with Certificate and Golden badge that carries the Anniversary logo 8x8cm.
4-Sculpted by the renowned sculptor David Giraud.
5-Extreme paint depth and details by Three Eyes Studio,
6-The only statue for Trigun Vash in such scale and depth of details.
7-True Dynamic Diorama which is a signature of Figurama Collectors that can be viewed and displayed from all the angles 360 with same interesting level of details.
8-Lowest shipping price.
9-Made of Eco-friendly Polystone.
10-Low edition size which will add to the rarity of the piece

Pre-order window will be open for 10 days starting from the 1st of December, quantity will start from 250pcs up to 400pcs as maximum quantity. The Pre-order will close either when we reach the maximum quantity or by reaching the deadline of 10 days.

Enjoy the The Humanoid Typhoon at his best!